Social Entrepreneurship as a Supporting Model for Sustainable Rural Development: Review of the Lika Region (Croatia) Case Study

Abstract - EN

The main purpose of the article published in May 2018 was to explore social entrepreneurship (SE) as a supporting model for sustainable rural development in the Lika Region (Croatia). As the article presents the results of two research projects conducted in 2013 and 2015, a review of SE development stage in Lika was necessary. The review will concentrate on the local third-sector actor who had new project to develop in 2015. The main hypothesis of the ongoing case study is that SE in Lika is not proceeding as the research in 2015 had predicted. There are grounds to believe that the administrative division of Lika’s territory, political decisions not conducive to sustainable development objectives and depopulation processes are crucial factors in lack of SE development. Thus, the structure of this think-piece will consist of two parts. The introduction will present a summary of previous research as a preface for new research outcomes. The second part will present a case study based on new research insights with a local third-sector actor (Prospero Association, also linked to empowering women in the local community).