Social and Solidarity Economy in Greece: The Role of SSE in Relation to Local Labour Markets

Abstract - EN

The paper deals with the issue of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and its relation to the labour market focusing on Greece. The main purpose lies on the detailed analysis of ‘SSE ecosystem’ through extensive data analysis and empirical research. The methodology consists of a mixed research approach which incorporates Business Intelligence and Analytics in order to analyse and map the quantitative characteristics of employment in SSE organizations through the use of census data from the Social Economy Registry. Furthermore, the collected data on SSE are analysed in relation to the characteristics of employment and entrepreneurial activity in other sectors of the Greek economy as well as registered unemployment, aiming to identify possible correlations and differentiations. The second part of the approach is a survey research, which focuses on the needs of SSE organisations in horizontal skills and qualifications. At the same time, the survey emphasizes on the recording of current and future vacancies, the production of new or significantly improved products or services and the introduction of innovations related to production processes.
The originality of this article consists of the identification and development of robust methodologies and innovative approaches that advance our understanding of the functionality of SSE entities, their key enabling contexts, the challenges they face and their sustainability.