Reduction of Multi-dimensional Inequalities and the Social and Solidarity Economy

Abstract - EN

The entry outlines how SSE can reduce multi-dimensional inequalities at four levels: (i) by being actively involved in supporting the cause of those left behind, the SSE can identify and reduce identity-based inequalities; (ii) by creating decent jobs in key (and often neglected) sectors of economic activity, the SSE contributes to reducing static economic inequalities; (iii) through developing partnerships with the public sector and market enterprises, the SSE contributes to reducing social inequalities; and (iv) by supporting transformative social development, the SSE contributes to reducing the persistence of economic and social inequalities. Also, the entry discusses the potential opportunities and limitations to realising the potential of SSE, including the risk of instrumentalization and isomorphism through mainstreaming of grassroot initiatives. Finally, the role of the SSE in reducing multi-dimensional inequalities is framed in relation to initiatives related to the eradication of poverty and hunger.