Partnership and Co-construction and the Social and Solidarity Economy

Abstract - EN

This entry demonstrates how the social and solidarity economy (SSE) not only imposes a broader reflection on existing social, economic and political relationships bound by structures, norms and institutional culture but an even broader reflection on process, on how, where and by whom decisions are taken. It discusses how collaboration, partnership and co-construction, features of the SSE, must correspond with flexibility and openness in the public realm, calling for innovation in governance and policy formation. It describes how horizontal dialogue within government and the creation of multi-stakeholder spaces bringing non-governmental actors into the conversation calls for a discussion on democracy and governance. The entry introduces examples of co-construction within the SSE and between SSE and government in different parts of the world, including yet to be realized intentions to move in this direction. It also introduces the findings of several case studies of co-construction in public policy summarizing the criteria for effectiveness of this process.