Health and Care Sector and the Social and Solidarity Economy

Abstract - EN

This paper is about the recognition of SSE in the health and care sectors and their value-added. Step by step, from 1920, it tracks the long process of recognition of such organizations by international organizations including the UN. Since 1997, health cooperatives have received a lot of attention as a result of 3 international reports. Therefore, their benefits are well described, including their important innovative practice, their capacity to unite various stakeholders and their presence among a variety of healthcare systems. As a result, cooperatives in other fields of care, for instance, early childhood education, disability, and long-term care have received less attention, despite a recent report released by the International Labor Organization in 2016 offering a first view of the subject. Unfortunately, there is no global study of the role of other forms of SSE in this field. Nevertheless, two specific references are quoted in the field of childcare and nursing home or seniors’ homes showing the best quality of services of non-profit organisations or public service in comparison to for-profit organizations.