Financing for the Social and Solidarity Economy

Abstract - EN

SSE organizations and enterprises (SSEOEs), as with every economic actor, have a need for finance dictated by their growth and consolidation objectives. These financial needs can be very different depending on the type of activity, the degree of maturity, the size and other distinctive factors related to the context within which they operate. But, due to their specific nature and mission, many of the financial mechanisms most used by for-profit corporations – having as their main goal the remuneration of investors – are not readily applicable to the SSE. This entails that the theme to focus on should be not so much simply that of access to finance by SSEOEs as that of the specific ways in which this access occurs. The entry presents a list of financial instruments organised according to five broad categories: social base, surpluses and assets, grants, debt, equity. Each group shortly defines financial mechanisms that are, at least in principle, available to SSE.