UNTFSSE Award Series (2023 CIRIEC International Research Conference): A Study on the Dimensions of Consumer Cooperative Quality in Korea

Abstract - EN

This study aims to develop a model for quality as perceived by the members of consumer cooperatives. The dimensions of consumer cooperative quality need to include both product and service quality so as to reflect the characteristics of the retail industry. Furthermore, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and psychological ownership (PO) should also be involved due to their values and principles being crucial for consumer cooperatives. This study proposes a model for consumer cooperative quality by integrating the dimensions of service, product, CSR, and PO dimensions. We conducted exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses to validate the proposed model based on 773 samples from the members of Korea’s four largest consumer cooperatives. The results showed that a three-level hierarchical factor model could represent the structure of perceived quality for consumer cooperatives. Additionally, we identified the components of quality constructs that reflect the unique features of consumer cooperatives in Korea. This study contributes to the literature by proposing a quality model that explores the relationship between quality and CSR, which should be examined in the stream of research in multi-dimensional quality studies.