What Role Can Digital Platforms Play in Scaling the Social and Solidarity Economy? Investigating the Role of Platforms in Indonesia’s Tourism Sector (2019-01)

Résumé - EN

Digital platforms are increasingly impacting on diverse populations and places. This paper examines how and whether platforms can be used to scale the social and solidarity economy (SSE) in support of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Using insights generated from interview and ethnographic empirical data amongst Indonesian tourism workers and micro, small and medium enterprise (SME) owners in Ubud, Bali and Lombok, Indonesia, we outline how SSE actors are engaging with platforms. These insights shed light on how key SSE practices and objectives – collective organising, collective decision-making, and gender equality – are supported and undermined in the context of platforms. We argue that developing clear metrics, giving voice to SSE actors and developing a national framework are key ways to ensure that platforms contribute positively to scaling the SSE.