The Social and Solidarity Economy Movement in the US: Potential Linkages to Social Welfare and Related Social Justice Movements

Résumé - EN

The SSE movement is gaining recognition in the U.S. and numerous projects that incorporate SSE values that give primacy to social and environmental needs over goals of profit and wealth accumulation, are in process and being initiated. The current U.S. political/social/economic context clearly illustrates the need for transformation of the existing system. The lack of the existing system to meet basic human needs such as healthcare and refusal of political leaders to acknowledge environmental issues are key concerns. The SSE movement is an important partner for on-going movements with similar values and goals, as well as providing critical resources to participants in SSE projects and the communities they are operating in, and the development of useful examples for potential replication. The potential of strong mutual-support linkages to the social welfare movement and other human rights and social action groups that can generate resources to further SSE program development and implement SDGs is explored. Attention is called to the critical linkage of the personal, interpersonal, community, and political/social/economic to personal and social problems. The basic values and selected intervention strategies of radical social work are reviewed with reference to the transformative goals of SSE, principles of SSE projects, and potential collaborations.