Contribution of Cooperatives on Employment Generation: Evidence from West Bengal Milk Cooperative in Burdwan District

Résumé - EN

The present study seeks to identify the possible contribution of cooperatives, one of the major actors of social and solidarity economy (SSE), to achieve a few targets of sustainable development goal no. 8. Bardhaman Cooperative Milk Union has been selected for the purpose of the present study. In order to check whether the different features of social and solidarity economy (SSE) are present in the West Bengal Milk Cooperatives and assess its potential role in achieving SDG no.8, the primary data have been collected with the help of well-structured questionnaire for the year 2017-18. Employment generation of the West Bengal Milk Cooperative has been examined with the help of average value of labour utilization. The major findings of the study are: (i) West Bengal Milk Cooperative shares most of the common characteristics of SSE (ii) West Bengal Milk Cooperative plays a very important role for achieving few targets of the SDG 8. (iii) Overall labour utilization per household per annum in member group is higher than the non-member group. Therefore, it may be concluded that West Bengal Milk Cooperative may be regarded as a SSE agent and it is engaged in achieving two targets of the SDG 8.