Founding of the UNTFSSE

Background stories – growing interest in SSE

Documents of the first Mont Blanc meeting

Documents of Social Economy Committee

Policy paper on Social Economy and Decent Work

International Labour Conference (ILC) adopted the “Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization” mentioning “social economy” for the first time

ILO Regional Conference – Africa’s Response to the Global Crisis

ILO SSE Academy

Documents of UNRISD Conference 2013: Potential and Limits of Social and Solidarity Economy

Opening Session

Session 1: Conceptualizing SSE

Session 2: SSE, Welfare Regimes and Social Service Provisioning

Session 3: SSE and Local Development

Session 4: SSE, Public Policy and Law

Session 5: SSE and Gender Dynamics

Session 6: Political Economy of SSE and Collective Action

Session 7: Scaling Up through the Market

Session 8: SSE, Resilience and Sustainability

Special Session on Alternative Finance and Complementary Currencies

Closing video of the UNRISD SSE research conference with the ILO in May 2013 at ILO Headquarters

The proposal to form a taskforce (at 1:16:08)